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The more social transformation stories are told and the more room in networks and media they get, the more people will be inspired and engaged, generating other social transformation stories in a positive cycle.

We believe in Muhammad Yunus’s thought: what we imagined in stories has been pursued and achieved by science. If we imagine it, its possible to make it real.

We exist to tell, to help in telling and to spread stories of social transformation, strengthening the imaginary and inspiring action. The more stories impact people, the more people will change the world.

More than providing services to companies and CSOs, we pride ourselves in doing a job with truth and purpose that we call the Social Docs way: from the first meeting with our customers/ partners to the final film delivery, passing through the contact with people who generously offer their life experiences to become films, we value respect, collective work, affection and availability for others. We offer deep and transformative experiences for everyone who participates in the process of storytelling.

Social Docs is a tool for our customers and characters to reconnect with their stories, their causes and show their major role in the pursuit of a fairer and balanced society.

Along with you, we want to inspire millions of people around the world through stories of social change.

Henry Grazinoli and Marcelo Douek

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